Ann Arbor, July, 2004

New Radio Show

Another "Day at the Office" in the New World of Work.

Macsay & Associates is collaborating with Don Levitt from the New World of Work Network® www.newworldofwork.com to produce a radio show about the human side of change in the workplace. The show focuses on how people build relationships and get results together. In a recent program with the ieAmerica Radio Network - James and Don featured guests and segments about spirituality at work, dynamics of family-centered businesses and how to craft and develop your personal brand.

The New World of Work radio show is certain to help you make meaning, money and a difference with whatever you do. Check out: www.newworldofwork.com.

Transition to Team Work - Forming to Performing:
How is teamwork supporting your organization's mission?

In February, I teamed up with a group of consultants and facilitators to support a transition that affected 1,700 employees.

We conducted a workshop with plant leadership and employee teams. The purpose of the workshop was to improve the understanding of the new teamwork concepts and their impact on plant performance. The process has created interesting results: a shift in employee attitudes, increased trust, openness to job rotation and enhanced cross-functional learning.

Wisdom Works:

Macsay and Associates has recently forged an alliance with Wisdom Works, of Boulder, Colorado.

The primary clients of Wisdom Works are individual contributors, managers and senior executives in large, national and global companies. Wisdom Works enables leaders to make decisions that generate more healthy, sustainable results. In a nutshell, they help leaders shift from a search for "certainty" in business results to a more creative approach suited for our rapidly changing times. Our work together helps leaders learn to work not only with problems, but also with possibilities.

Wisdom Works offers two starter programs - with sustainability as a foundation - to clients. Read more about The Power of Aspiration, Getting Results in Complex Systems and other services we can provide.

James Macsay and Julie Hayden

Driven By Wellth:
9th Annual Sustainable Business Forum, Ann Arbor, MI

James Macsay and Julie Maloney, co-author of Driven By Wellth, connected with Sustainable Business Forum conference participants interested in exploring whole-systems thinking and sustainable attitudes (Lifestyles of the Health and Sustainability) in all types of organizations.

Do You Have the Right People on the Bus?
If you do, do they have an accurate assessment of their capabilities? Do they receive effective coaching?

All of these questions are faced by executive-level employees as they interact with peers, with clients, and with their senior executives. An effective assessment process can answer questions and improve executive capabilities. Macsay & Associates is currently supporting a management consulting organization and its clients with their executive assessment process.

Participants go through a two-day process that includes role-play and a mix of awareness & personality instruments. Executives may interact in a variety of meetings that are framed in a very realistic case situation. Participants leave with a greater sense of awareness for their personal growth and developmental edge. It is all about accelerating the development of leadership capability and getting results.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further or explore any of the above areas.

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