The world of Jimmy Mac: Read more about my work with the media scene - includes audio & video samples and experiences from Switzerland. SwissBizUSA, Executive Director. An international networking community that supports learning & communication between people with ties to CH and the USA (business, education and culture).

Pleinert & Partner: Pleinert & Partner, Advisory Board Member, Zürich, Switzerland.

International Human Resources Community (IHRC): Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personal-Management, Zürich, Switzerland.

eePulse: Delivering data and dialogue. Real time data from employees to drive improvement in the business., llc.: Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution and Organization Effectiveness.

Dannemiller Tyson Associates: Planning and facilitating large Whole-Scale™ meetings.

Denison Consulting: Bringing organization culture and leadership to the bottom line. Enterprise Consulting Partners.

HayGroup - Emotional Intelligence Services: It is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. - Daniel Goleman, 1998

Julie Maloney Inc.: Bringing the values of health and sustainability to life, through business.

Project Innovations - Unrational Leadership™: Employs rational and irrational methods to achieve organizational improvement.

Borboa & Partners: Organization Behavior Services. Labor management success and leadership development.

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