Tools and events designed to improve internal communication will build relationships and help achieve organizational objectives. These are supported with processes that integrate mission, values, beliefs, and employee needs.

  • Designing and planning conferences for employees, customers, key stakeholders / organization wide communication events
  • Interviewing and eliciting feedback from employees, customers or suppliers through interviews, web-based surveys, focus groups, etc. to gain better understanding of relationships
  • Assessing how different parts of the organization communicate with each other
  • Joint analysis and interpretation of data with key stakeholders
  • Conceptual development of communication tools such as newsletters, employee presentations, videos and company-wide events

Case Study

An international training company wished to improve customer relationships. To help them do this, we interviewed employees from the supplier and customer organizations to identify attitudes, perceptions, feelings and needs.

The process encouraged communication between the organizations and identified main problem areas in business systems, structures, policy and communication. The leadership team also received valuable feedback from customers and employees.

Case Study

Working with a Vice President of Human Resources and his immediate team, we produced a serious and yet entertaining presentation that communicated the objectives behind the HR department's work with assessment centers and a targeted interview process.

In addition to helping the group plan and design the company wide presentation - I played an additional role of master of ceremonies in a TV interview show format. The presentation allowed HR to communicate the value-added component of their services.

In the end the process itself became a team building exercise that provided team members with more clarity on their roles and relationships, and the strategic direction of their HRM group.

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