Managing change for large and small groups 

Organizational Transformation
Culture change, quality, customer orientation and creating a sense of 'spirit' in the workplace are the focus of consulting on organization behavior issues.

The aim here is to help individuals, teams and their organizations to become more aware and adept in working with the dynamics of rapid change.

  • Designing processes with clients for engaging an organization in a whole-systems approach to change (involving both small and large groups)
  • Design, development and delivery of customized training workshops

Case Study

Working with two internal consultants (Head of Training and HRM Manager) in an international industrial corporation, I supported with the design, development and delivery of a training process for change agents. I delivered modules on personality type (MBTI), history and application of large group interventions, resistance and power in organization, and 'needs based' communication process.

The workshop also included small group work where participants could work on individual change projects. The workshop helped participants to increase their self-awareness, knowledge of change theories and effectiveness in bringing about desired organizational changes

Case Study

Working with a consultant partner and representatives from the training department of a large Swiss bank, an on-going training process was designed for new supervisors. The training process helped them to learn the necessary social skills for their work in the bank's changing culture.

As part of the training process, participants identified issues with their management for improvement. This enhanced communication and networking led to improved business performance.

Through this process, participants came to realize that increased self-awareness and refined interpersonal skills can help them to enhance their working spirit and ability to improve technical business results.

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