Team Development 

Team Development
Here the focus is on the organizational and behavioral aspects of working with groups. The business results are enriched communication processes that increase organizational effectiveness.

  • Supporting the building of effective teams that value diversity, deep-level communication and working with conflict
  • Encouraging dialogue and the discovery of a shared sense of purpose

Group Facilitation
Helping groups to get the most out of their meetings as they discover a greater team spirit. This leads to greater productivity, creativity, efficiency, participation, and commitment.

  • Facilitating meetings and conferences
  • Designing, developing and delivering customized training sessions according to organizational needs
  • Training for group development, learning and interaction skills

Case Study

An executive member of a non-profit organization wanted to explore the interpersonal dynamics of their board. She felt that the board could be more effective as a team if they understood each other better.

After completing a 'personality typology' assessment, members discussed differences and developed a better understanding of their own personality and the unique qualities of other team members.

The process helped members to become more aware of their conflict situations and how their preferences and behaviors impacted interactions with others.

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