I believe that individuals experiencing personal transformation can have a profound effect on the organizations to which they work. Transformation is an on-going process of observation, reflection, dialogue and action. I believe that successful transformations need to occur in a spirit of inquiry and care for the unique honor of each individual. It can happen in dyads, small teams and large groups.

I believe that organizational wide change efforts need to involve as many people as possible in order to increase their likelihood of success. People need to be directly involved in the restructuring of their work and organization.

It is also necessary to consider all systems in a transformation processes.

An effective organization is one where people are connected not only on the thinking level, but perhaps more so on a human or emotional level.

I believe that a rich level of communication is the fuel that nourishes organization development and transformation processes. The more we can improve our awareness and skills of how we communicate and interact with one another, the more enriching and effective our organizations become.

  • Uniqueness of individual: Acknowledging and nurturing the honour of each person.
  • Collaboration: Involvement of people in a collaborative, co-creative process that aims to integrate individual and organizational needs.
  • Social consciousness: Business needs to transcend mere financial and material objectives and address social needs of individuals and society.
  • Mystery and paradox: Facing the unknown without answers - but with a willingness to imagine, explore and learn together.

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