Philosophy and Methodology
In the last years I have observed an increasing number of people, whether on the upside or downside of organization change, who are trying to connect with a new energy or spirit within themselves.

Some are searching for relationships with colleagues where feelings, values, joys and sometimes even pain can be shared. Others want their organizations to have clear environmental and ethical codes of operation. More and more people are searching for meaning in their challenging and fast changing work situations.

The essence of Macsay & Associates is to help people get re-connected to their feelings, needs, beliefs, values and to observe how those are impacting their behaviors and relationships with others. I can facilitate the path and assist people in applying these aspects in their life and work. Through reflection, exercises and dialogue where necessary, I encourage people to take personal responsibility and to make conscious choices to share more of themselves with others through deeper level interpersonal exchanges.

Essentially the product that I am selling is my personal commitment which includes building working relationships which we create together. I offer consulting and training services that enhance communication processes. This often starts on an individual level and eventually encompasses connections to the group (team) and entire organizations.

I prefer to help clients to access their own ideas in order to create an organization that reflects their visions. I believe it is essential to help design work processes that provide people with a sense of ownership and empowerment. Each person has a unique perspective and I am most satisfied when peoples creativity, knowledge and experience can be channelled into a collective spirit, and contribute to the common good. With this spirit, it is my belief that ultimately a genuine sense of unity and caring can be generated within organizations, which leads to improved performance.

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