Company Overview
Macsay & Associates is a company that works independently and in partnership with other internal and external consultants to provide communication and organization development (OD) services for international organizations.

The leading partner is James Macsay who has a multi-disciplinary background in organization development communication, human resources and marketing. His work centers on the themes of helping individuals, teams and whole-systems to develop strategies, tools and processes for enhanced communication, organizational spirit and performance. Prior to establishing his independent practice in 1995, he worked extensively with these themes as a communication specialist for General Motors Europe, Glattbrugg, Switzerland (1987-1994).

James' operating framework has come to include 'visioning' and understanding human behavior in organizations through the lenses of Analytical and Gestalt psychology. He sees this as a way to work with the contradictions and paradoxes that are frequently part of organizational life. His consulting and facilitation style attends to the various ways individuals, groups and whole systems interact and impact each other. His work is about helping individuals, teams and entire organizations build relationships and get results.

Having lived and worked in both the USA and Europe, James has developed an appreciation for the challenges of working within multi-cultural environments. James also has considerable experience with the media. Since the early 1980s he has hosted, produced and contributed to a variety of radio and media related productions in the USA and Switzerland.

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