scenes from the workshop 

Zürich, August, 1999

Dear Colleagues:

Hello again! I have had various experiences and impressions over the summer and I thought that they could be interesting for you and your work. Perhaps there will be a chance for us to further explore the themes that get your attention. Let's remain in contact.

Whole-Systems Pioneer in Zürich: On July 5, I hosted the introductory workshop, "Involving People in Large Scale Organizational Change." A few pictures from the workshop are shown at left. We had 22 participants from various industry sectors (financial, automotive, hi-tech, consulting). Kathleen Dannemiller, founder of the Whole-ScaleTM process and one of the inventors of Real Time Strategic Change lead the facilitation with associate Sylvia James. The two took the group through an afternoon of theory and practical experience on the fundamentals of whole-system change work. The session featured plenty of opportunities for small and large group discussions and video examples from an HRM restructuring/visioning event.

Learn More About Whole-Systems this November: Come and learn more about the whole-systems approach to change and attend an in-depth session happening in Bregenz, Austria, November 3-5, "Engaging Whole Systems in Creating Organizations of Their Own Choosing." More details are available at the News/Events page. For this event I am teaming-up with colleagues from Simma & Partner in Austria. Associates from Dannemiller Tyson Associates (DTA) will lead the workshop. During the three day workshop you have a chance to work in 'real time' with issues that are important for you - all the while learning techniques, methods and attitudes required for whole-system work (groups of 50 to several hundred). You will also learn how about DTA's Whole-ScaleTM model that embraces a range of 'classic' OD principles and processes. Your learning can also be applied to individual and small group settings - so don't be dismayed if you are not currently sitting on megalithic conference or organizational event.

Last year I attended a similar workshop with DTA in Holland. Their approach is open and transparent. Participants even have the opportunity to contribute to the after-hour debrief and design sessions with the consulting team.

The Latest from the USA: In July, I attended the Association for Psychological Type (APT) conference in Phoenix, Arizona. One of my more interesting workshops was one where the presenters made connections between the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the latest in systems and complexity theory. They emphasized 'Type' as being the expression of the psyche's dynamic processes and not so much a label to place on someone. Taking a systemic approach, we also considered the inter-connections between people in organizations, attitudes, archetypes and energy flows. If you are interested in working with typology as a way into team building, conflict management or personal development, let me know and we can further explore how this well known and tested self-awareness instrument can support your organizational objectives.

Here and Now at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland - Appreciative Inquiry: I also attended a workshop on Interpersonal Influence at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC) led by John Carter, Ph.D., Veronica Hopper Carter and Mwalimu Imara of the GIC. Our workshop focussed on Gestalt fundamentals and how we influence (and let ourselves be influenced) through interpersonal communication. If you have an inclination to Gestalt principles - check out the Institute's range of organizational programs:

John Carter noted that 'appreciative inquiry' is gaining greater notoriety these days and could become a fashionable follow-up to the diversity movement. He expressed concern that the approach could lose some of its 'edge' should the change management market try to popularize it as the next organizational fad. Carter recommends the following book for a solid grounding on Appreciative Inquiry: Locating the Energy for Change: An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry, by Charles Elliott, ISBN: 1-895536-15-4. He co-authored the book's final chapter with Pamela Johnson.

Moving Forward: If there are themes that you would like to explore, I welcome your phone call or e-mail. I hope to be of service in the future.

Macsay & Associates would like to thank all who helped make the July 5 workshop a great success. Look in the News/Events page for more info about the upcoming November 3-5 course: "Developing Whole-ScaleTM Change Competencies."

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