Ann Arbor, June, 2005

Best Boss or Worst Boss?
What would your employees or staff say about you? Are you a corporate executive, senior manager, or busy entrepreneur that is great at your job - but, not sure how your behaviour and style impacts others (colleages, client/customers, direct reports, etc.) - positively or negatively?

Emotional Competency is a differentiating factor in success. Over 30 years of research show that for organizations with senior managers who had a critical mass of emotional intelligence capabilities, their divisions outperformed annual earnings goals by 20%.

Macsay & Associates is accredited to administer the Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI). The ECI has been known to contribute positively to:

  • Making the organization an employer of choice.
  • Enhancing organizational change initiatives.
  • Building relationships more effectively in today's complex organizations.
  • Retaining top talent.
The ECI can be used to provide participants precise and focused feedback on their strengths and areas for development.

Based on the feedback from a variety of rater groups (i.e. self, manager, direct reports, peers, others), the ECI indicates the specific emotional competencies in which development is needed to enhance the individual's emotionalcompetence.

So - where do you think you fit on the spectrum of 'best boss to worst boss?' Why not check it out through work with the ECI?

Culture and Bottom Line Performance
Does your organization have vision?
Are your people engaged?
Are your employees focusing on customers and external market demands?
Do you have the systems to deliver what you say you can do?

Would you like to learn how these themes are linked to organizational culture and bottom-line performance (measures such as return on investment, sales growth, quality, innovation and employee satisfaction)?

If so - then let's talk.

M&A is working in close collaboration with Denison Consulting (http://www.denisonculture.com/) to help clients use their culture and leadership strengths to improve their performance.

Both our firms have a zeal for serving clients who want to understand their organizational culture and to get better results. Interesting enough - both our firms also happen to be based in Ann Arbor and have a presence in Switzerland.

This unique global link works especially well for international organizations. Denison Consulting also serves clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Contact us to learn more about bringing organizational culture and leadership to the bottom line.

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