Ann Arbor, August, 2006

Developing You and Your Talent
Do You Know the Basics of Assessments?
Macsay & Associates moderated two sessions at the OrgPro 2006 conference in Detroit (hosted by the Michigan Society of Association Executives). One session, entitled Leadership 360 (the basics of assessments and 360 instruments), featured a panel including Bryan Adkins, Senior Consultant from Denison Consulting, Jeremy Borys, Vice President, Organizational Consulting Services Right Management Consultants and Richard B. Hancock, principal of Hancock & Associates and Associate Staff at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

If you missed the Leadership 360 session, you can download the following article written by James Macsay: The Basics of Assessments. The article appeared as a prelude to the conference in the June edition of Association News (Michigan Society of Association's Executives bi-monthly member magazine). Get 'primed' on key themes needed for HR selection and development assessments.

Richard Hancock and James Macsay also co-led an afternoon session entitled The Hidden Treasures of Presence. This presentation combined ideas from Jungian and Gestalt psychology. The session also integrated the principles of Unrational Leadership as articulated by Charles Fleetham in his book The Search for Unrational Leadership.

Are You Ready to Take Your Development to the Next Level?
If you want to take things to the next level, consider doing individual or team development work with Macsay & Associates. As your 'shadow consultants,' we will support you in pursuing bottom line results and cultivating the more subtle aspects of leadership, which include building relationships, interpersonal communication, inspiration, influencing and developing others.

Anticipated outcomes of our work together include the following:

  • Improved ways of leading the organization that are critical for success.
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency in leading an expanding business unit/department.
  • Heightened awareness of values, beliefs, leadership style, behaviors, actions and working relationships.
We will jointly develop the work plan with you and your team, including setting goals and establishing a plan of action. Part of our work may include use of assessment tools such as the Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI), Denison Culture and Leadership surveys, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and other relevant assessment instruments.

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